selected online publications ::

Decomposition,” RHINO Poetry (2022)

Autotheory,” Juked (July 2022)

Waiting Room,” “Waiting Room,” and “Open Field,” DIAGRAM, Issue 21.2 (May 2021)

Mirror Stage Phase 1” and “Day 30: Self-Portrait as Sexigesimal Fragment,” The Journal, Issue 43.2 (Spring 2019)

Model Organism,” “Parable of the Wolf Wherever You Are,” and “Heavy Bombardment,” The Spectacle, Issue 4 (Fall 2017)

Homologue: Husband,” Vinyl Poetry (June 2017)

Homologue,” in Linebreak (January 20, 2016) and on Verse Daily’s Web Weekly Feature (2016)

“Inheritance,” featured by Poetry Daily (January 1, 2016)

Wave—Particle” and “Fable,” in Diode Poetry Journal, Issue 8.2 (2015) and on Verse Daily (2016)

“Wandering Compass,” in BOAAT, Issue 7 (September/October 2015)

Serenade” and “Pseudomenon,” in an online feature from Ninth Letter (August 2015)

Lullaby,” in TYPO 23

Lomas de Casa Blanca” and “Strange Loop,” in Sixth Finch (Spring 2015)

Subject” and “Landscape with Uncertainty Principle,” in Tupelo Quarterly, Issue 6 (2015)

Elegy with Lies,” in Unsplendid, Issue 6.1 (2014)

Elegy with Snow,” in Valparaiso Poetry Review, Volume XV, Number 2 (2014)

Luz,” in Guernica (Fall 2014)

selected print publications ::

“Blue” and “Aubade with Redox,” PANK, Issue 16 (2022)

“Autotheory” and “Dura Mater,” Arts & Letters, Issue 42 (Spring 2021)

“Suboxone Sonnets,” Crazyhorse, Issue 93 (Spring 2018)

“Nocturnal,” “Fanny Pack,” and “Rayado,” Western Humanities Review, Issue 70.2 (Summer 2016)

“Void If,” in Subtropics, Issue 20 (2015)

“Harvest,” in Artful Dodge

“Caiman” and “Rape of Electra,” in Sugared Water

“If Void,” in North American Review, Issue 300.1 (2015)

“Infinite Regress,” in Pleiades, Issue 35.1 (2015)

“Genome” and “Young Coconut,” in West Branch, Issue 77 (2015)

“Facts,” in Fourteen Hills, Issue 21.2 (2015)

“Pacific,” in Cream City Review, Issue 39.1 (2015)

“Impossible Object” and “Mythology,” in Cimarron Review, Issue 186 (Winter 2014)

“Elegy with Lime,” Measure, Issue 9.1 (2014)

“Cosmic String,” in Little Patuxent Review, Issue 15 (Winter 2014)

“Driving After Midnight” and “Bitter Oranges,” in The Sugar House Review, Issue 9 (Fall/Winter 2013)

“Sketch on the Sand,” in Measure, Issue 6.1 (2011)

“Outdoor Movie,” in Sewanee Theological Review (Fall 2011)

“Report from Ursa Major,” in The Hopkins Review, Issue 4.4 (2011)